our annual exhibit of erotic art 2010

Ellen Stagg

Ellen has been a photographer since she was 16 years old. She moved to New York City in 1996 from Connecticut to attend the School of Visual Arts where she received her BFA in Photography. She signed with her first photography agent at the end of her junior year of college. In her ten year career as a professional photographer she has worked in advertising, fashion, and portraiture, shooting for various magazines, look books, stock photography, and celebrities.

Erin Frost

Erin Frost presents photographs that explore reconstruction and transformation through self-portraits, pursuing ideas of myth and ephemeral moments, as well as ideas of power possessed and given in to. Frost’s erotic and surreal traditional black and white photographs are influenced by the decadent and dangerous tales of dreams and memory. Through the intuitive process of self-portraits, often using mirrors to distort and transform, she works with the concept of reinvention fueled by creative desire. Originally from Montana, Erin currently resides in Seattle, WA. Her work has been exhibited across the country as well as internationally.

Morgan Slade

Morgan Slade received his BFA in photography in 2002 from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. He has shot for several magazines including Swindle, Anthem, Juxtapoz, OUT Magazine, Western Interiors & Design and many others. Morgan has exhibited both photography and mixed media work in galleries including solo shows at Copro Gallery and Billy Shire Fine Arts. He has worked in the publishing industry, including heading US production for fine art book publisher TASCHEN.

Morgan Slade alters his digital photographs of scantily clad women wearing high school mascot heads with paint, pen and pencil. He transforms straightforward images to chaotic madness. His pieces prey on primitive natural instincts with a youthful aesthetic appeal and bright, vibrant colors. By defacing exceptionally striking people, Slade aesthetically changes his figures to appear flawed in some manner. He creates visual critiques of consumerism, advertising and technology by inventing his own symbols or by reusing familiar icons and assigning them a different purpose.
To execute these photographs, Slade begins by printing them on archival digital proofing prints. He then sands down the paper to appear aged and weathered. He builds up layers of collage, gloss gels and gold leafing. He then allows paint to move throughout the piece without control resulting in drips and splatters. His painted photographs are stylistically unique while combining preexisting methods, styles and techniques.

Francesco D’Isa

Francesco D’Isa is an Italian artist and art curator. He studied philosophy in Florence, Italy. He’s self-taught as an artist: his fascination with visual imagery has driven him to master the required skills. He’s a pioneer of digital art in Italy, but his skills as a drawer let him work with traditional media as well. He was the co-founder of the Italian Art & Literature magazine “Mostro,” where he published his first artworks. After that, his digital and traditional artworks were featured in many magazines around the world. His accolade in contemporary art practice has been recognized with several art prizes. He has exhibited internationally from Italy, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, England, USA, Australia, Russia, and South America. His theory and practice has been extended as a Workshop Leader and Lecturer in Multimedia. In 2007 he became “Pornpope” founding the porn-artistic collective Pornsaints. He organized for Pornsaints international art exhibitions and parties in art galleries and erotic festivals, both in Europe and USA. Moreover, through his work as “Pornpope” many international porn stars like Kylie Ireland, Stoya, Madison Young, and Sasha Grey acted for him as muses, models and working partners.

Valerio Pierbattista

Born in Rome (Italy), grown up in Israel and Switzerland and finally back in his hometown where he lives and works, Valerio Pierbattista is an Italian artist with a taste for the (un)pop, mixing media, rock ‘n’ roll and junk culture.

Valerio produces homemade screen prints using the worst materials possible in the rust of his garage. The prints come out thick, imprecise and unrepeatable. Every artwork is treated as a unique piece of art, using copying and printing techniques but twisting it with flashy yet tormented enamel brush strokes, every artwork become a technicolored collage of found pictures. The themes range in a very wide spectrum of subject matters: from fame to sex, from life to death, from politics to portraits of great people you should go find and read about on Google. Valerio likes to be internationally involved , and participates in exhibition around the world in cities such as Zurich, Detroit, Santiago and Rome just to name a few.
Valerio is also one of the elder members of the Rome based art super group called Punk Surrealism and lately started being active in the street art movement wheat pasting his graphics in the form of Xeroxed b/w posters around, pursuing the aim of creating a graphic interference in the urban landscapes, illegally self promoting his art and trying to succeed screen printing his way into the art world.

Beatrice Morabito

It is a hard task to communicate feelings with a doll, and I love doing this:
While you are trying to give them a feeling you know that what they will express in the pictures it is only what you forced them to express: A doll can not move by herself, cannot smile, cry, change the position of her body, the expression of the face and so on. It is you doing all these things in her place, so she can be a simply object in your hands (and with object we can consider the meaning of this word in a psychoanalytical way: a person other than the self) or a self-extension.
Sometime the dolls are my alter ego and sometime I am the alter ego of the dolls

Carolyn Weltman

My perspective begins poetically with me alone. It extends out to the mood of my models, then to my drawing, my painting and ultimately to the living spaces of my patrons. I am utterly and unashamedly ecumenical in my fascination with the human form and the imaginative capacity for loving of its inhabitants. 

Carolyn Weltman has exhibited her work worldwide and has received acclaim for her many solo shows in New York and Europe. Her work has been auctioned by houses such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Philips de Pury. Carolyn’s work is collected by both individuals of note and museums including the Kinsey Institute Collection of Erotic Art in Indiana and the Tom of Finland Museum in California.

Nicola Filippo

“I studied at Otis College of Art, Los Angeles and California College of Art, Oakland where I began my love affair with both classical and modern arts, their history and techniques. After graduating I continued to experiment with various mediums and subjects. It was not until hired to photograph a large body of works by the Dadaist Ray Johnson in preparation for a retrospective at the Whitney Museum, NYC that my journey turned to collage. I had been familiar with the work of Joseph Cornell so the discovery that Ray Johnson was a student of Cornell’s only increased my enthusiasm for the medium. After several years of exploring assorted subject matters, texts, papers, film, board and pigments my collage work became a sort of offspring from the marriage of Dada and Pop Art.
Figurative and text sources are drawn from an on-going library of vintage magazines, film and advertisements. They are the source from which I bring to mind and then shuffle and sort imagery decades apart and couple them together in a relationship of shape, color and context. Reinventing and breathing new energies into fading and near-to-lost visual captures.
The archival materials bind the work into a whole, as does the traditional method of layering. Consequently my art has multi-dimensional aspects to stimulate and engage.”

Tom Bianchi

In 1979 Bianchi gave up his New York-based job as a legal adviser to Columbia Pictures to devote himself to artistic pursuits. His first showing as a photographer was at the Parson/Dreyfus Gallery, New York, in 1990. His first book of photos, titled Out of the Studio, appeared in 1991; he has since published a further 11 books, the most recent titled Deep Sex. Bianchi’s published works offer insight into the U.S. gay scene and have all been bestsellers. Later books include his writings on the philosophy of aesthetics, eroticism in art, and sociopolitical issues.
In 2005 he contributed to the film documentary Gay Sex in the 70s. Tom currently resides in Palm Springs, California.

Aaron Cobett

Like Warhol and Johns, Aaron Corbett started out in the trenches of fashion, dressing windows for Henri Bendel and Bergdorf Goodman. He moved into photography in the late ’80s, taking pictures of drag queens and boys downtown and publishing them in magazines like Empire and H/X. In the mid-’80s he started exhibiting his work in galleries.
Corbett’s work is not easily categorized. He uses elaborate sets, costumes and lighting, all of which he does himself. There is a hint of the conceptual in his ability to record individual personas as well as personalities.

Jody Thompson

“As I got older, my dedication to painting grew, and in 1996 I received my BFA with concentrations in Oil Painting and Figure Drawing from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana. It was during this time that my love and identification with artists such as Carravagio, Thomas Eakins, Vermeer, and Odd Nerdrum became realized. I became especially interested in modifying and using their methods of painting and rendering to communicate current images and ideas. I paint the human face and figure to give my emotions and feelings a place to live outside of myself. Through gestures or eye contact, I communicate what I am feeling while allowing the viewer to do the same. I am influenced by these quiet gestures or glances that hint at an aggressive knowing, acknowledging the truth without passing judgment. Whether the image is making direct eye contact or looking elsewhere, my goal in painting them is honesty. To not force myself or anyone else to think or feel anything that is not already there. Just to provide a safe place for them to exist.” -Jody Thompson

Pete Pedersen

You might recognize Pete Pedersen as your friendly bartender at Asbury Lanes! Hailing from New Jersey, Pete has spent many years playing in and touring with various punk bands. When he isn’t planning and djing monthly dance parties, he can be found working the desk at Neptune Tattooville and creating show flyers for the Lanes via Corel raw. Pete is also the co-founder of edgy new Asbury Park art collective, TEAM CREEP. (Creepin’ it real since 2009).
nothing to be timid about, for these


JoKa is a contemporary artist specializing in pointillism, using toothpicks as his sole form of paint application. A student of inefficiency, his personal philosophy is “it isn’t art if it doesn’t take three times longer than it’s supposed to!” Common subjects include charbroiled meat, sex, dissection, hypnosis, mammalian societal bonds, youth corruption, obesity, swashbuckling, insects, male-pattern baldness, bumps, self-loathing, candy corn and clones. Using collage, he skews and distorts, pushing familiar images into the surreal. His work has been called nostalgic, though not by him. His art has been featured nationally as well as internationally, and in national art publications. He is a carnivore.

Jan Van Rijn

“I’m a sculptor, born in 1966 and of Dutch origin. The drawings, prints and etchings I am doing under the name van Rijn have become a vast collection of erotic art, covering straight aspects of sexuality, but then also stray into more fetishistic iconography, like high heels, lingerie, bondage, piercing and transsexuals. The work is, like Dian Hanson put it:
“…very pretty, very elegant, nearly like fashion illustration, but fully explicit…” At the time I am engaged in a very ambitious book project, an erotic “book of hours,” a reference to the extensively ornamented, illustrated clerical manuscripts of the 14th and 15th century. It will feature different authors from Europe and the US, among them Michael Manning, Peggy Munson, Annie Sprinkle and others.”

Karim Hamid

Karim Hamid’s images are based on the visual dialogue with the classic representation of the female figure and the male gaze throughout art history. Hamid’s work updates the visualization of the idealized female form through the distortion and transformation of the human body. “While the imagery is often distorted or exaggerated in my work, I also expect my work to express itself within its own polemical and painterly distortion of that distortion. It is about the thing/person being observed, as well as the method of being observed.”
Vivenne Maricevic “Since 1976, as a fine-art photographer, my specialization is exploring different aspects of erotica, sexuality and gender. I am interested in photographing subject matter that offers many challenges, obstacles and difficulties dealing with the pathology of our times with references to sociology. All series are photographed for two years or more and all subsequent series evolve from the previous one. Photographing environmental “Naked Men” in 1976 led to documenting “Male Burlesk” in 1981 which led to documenting NYC’s Times Square’s “Live Sex Shows” in the mid-80′s. Photographing performers from the adult x-rated movie industry in 1985 for my “Porn Stars” series enabled me to explore the male gender embracing their female persona thru the 1990′s for my transsexual series.” This series resulted in a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in 1987, along with an Artist Grant from Artist Space. NYC in 1989. Edition Stemmle published my solo monograph, “Male-to-Female (La Cage Aux Folles)” in 1995, featuring nudes of male-to-female transsexuals and triptychs of drag queens and transvestites.
Photographing the female gender embracing their male persona in the late 1990′s of female-to-male transsexuals, male impersonators, drag kings and androgyny challenges the social construction of gender. My lifetime mission and on-going series of photographing male nudes, “She Shoots Men” is motivated by my desire to transform the imbalance that still exists with the pervasiveness of the double-standard in nude photography.” -Vivienne Maricevic


Porkchop paints his “Visions of Temptation” by imbuing vintage images with a dark twist. He creates intriguing scenarios by combining paint, illustration and text. He has exhibited extensively in the United States and Europe and is published in “The Greatest Erotic Art of Today “, Volume 2, “Eye Candy “and “I Want Your Skull.”

Sarah Potter

“Sarah, you are so cute, but your drink is so retarded.” Actor/Frontman of “The Germs,” Shane West on Sarah Potter and her love of Calimochos.

Sarah Potter is a reformed party girl who loves wigs, glitter, narwhals, and going on adventures. After receiving her BFA from the Art Institute of Boston, she accidentally arrived in Asbury Park, NJ where she co-founded the art collective “Team Creep.” When Sarah isn’t working at Parlor Gallery or researching neon spandex clad bands and sparkly DJs to book at Asbury Lanes, she writes on her Gallery Girl blog and works on her book “Not Classy, A Reformed Party Girl’s Guide to Life” which will be in stores in 2011.